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ROP Management

ROP Management

The management and implementation of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) is the responsibility of the ROP Managing Authority. A number of other entities participate in the implementation and monitoring of ROP.A number of processes apply in the case of Applicants, submitting, approving and implementing project proposals. Read more about these in Procedures.A number of strict procedures and management mechanisms apply in the case of the internal evaluation of ROP and reporting to the European Commission. Read more about Procedures.

ROP Internal Procedures

A number of strict procedures apply in relation to the overall monitoring and evaluation of ROP as an Operational Programme, and the respective reporting to the European Commission.

Monitoring and Evaluation of ROP

Evaluation of ROP is an activity inseparable from the overall ROP management and implementation arrangements. It is a tool for assessing the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness of the financial assistance deployed, as well as the impact and sustainability of the results achieved. In accordance with al relevant national and EC Regulations, three main types of evaluations are carried out for the ROP, namely the ex-ante evaluation (that has already been conducted in order to prepare the programme), the ongoing evaluation (during the implementation of the ROP) and the ex-post evaluation (after the ROP has been concluded).
The ROP Managing Authority is the coordinator of the evaluation process.

The ROP Monitoring Committee (ROP MC) has a primary role in the monitoring of operations of the ROP.

To access the Minutes of Meetings of the ROP MC, please click here.

Reporting of ROP to the EC

The ROP Managing Authority will submit annually to the European Commission, an Annual Implementation Report by the 30th June in each year until 2015. This report will be examined and approved by the ROP MC before it is sent to the EC.
The European Commission will review the report in view of making comments to the ROP Managing Authority and to the Romanian Government, that will support the improvement of the implementation of the coming years.
The ROP Managing Authority will inform the ROP Monitoring Committee of these comments. The ROP Managing Authority will inform the Commission of the action taken in response to these comments.
To access the available Annual Implementation Reports, please click here.

More details on the internal procedures of ROP monitoring, evaluation and reporting can be found in the ROP Programming Document.