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Deputy Prime Minister Dragnea and Commissioner Hahn discussed about regionalisation in the context of preparing the 2014-2020 programming

20 March 2013

On Tuesday, 19 March, in Brussels, Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration, discussed with Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Regional Policy, about how regionalisation could improve the use of European funds in Romania.

Johannes Hahn welcomed the initiative to start such a process and showed interest in its future evolution. The Commissioner pointed out that the main goal to be considered in the design and implementation of this process should be the effective raising of European funds, so that Romanian citizens benefit from the investments financed by the European Union.

"I have presented Commissioner Hahn the principles of regionalisation. The Commissioner has the same point of view: that regionalisation must be made in Romania and this must be made this year. We will transmit in detail what our projects are. I have answered a series of questions related to the fact that government reorganization has not affected in any way the capacity, functionality of the authorities involved in the management of European funds," said Dragnea the end of the meeting.


With regard to the process of negotiation for the Partnership Agreement with the European Commission for the programming period 2014-2020, Dragnea said: "Broadly, we have come to an agreement and, in the next period, we will communicate very closely and we will send the Commissioner any report on the progress we will make in the field, so he may be permanently informed, because we must work very carefully, in parallel with the negotiations for the future architecture of operational programmes."

The two officials also discussed about the way to eliminate the risk of automatic decommitment of European funds allocated to Romania and Slovakia, according to those established at the European Council in February.

"We have discussed about n +3, the Commissioner is one of the supporters of this promise made to Romania and Slovakia. He has informed us that specialists of the directorates he coordinates work on identifying all possible measures that can be adopted to meet this goal, namely to eliminate the risk of automatic decommitment of funds in Romania and Slovakia, without changing the regulations. As I have also said in the REGI Committee, Romania still requests that the promise, which was made at the European Council, at such a level, to the two countries, should be respected. For us it is important, because we are talking about very large sums of money," Liviu Dragnea pointed out.

The meeting took place in the framework of the working visit to Brussels, paid by the MRDPA delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea, during the period 18-19 March, in the context of European Parliament's REGI Committee meeting. The meeting is aimed at intensifying debate at the level of the Member States and of the European institutions, with regard to the future of the regional and cohesion policies.