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First European Funded Contract Signed by Minister Dragnea Provides Financing for New Investment in Prahova County

11 January 2013

The Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, managed by the MRDPA, will finance the flyover intended to solve traffic problems in the north of Ploiesti municipality. Thus, a yaw-type flyover will be built on County Road DJ102, as well as the links with National Road DN1B, through multi-level slip roads.

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The financing contract was signed today, 11 January, in Ploiesti, by Deputy Prime-Minister Liviu Dragnea, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration, Mircea Cosma, President of the Prahova County Council, as beneficiary of the financing and Liviu Musat, Director South-Muntenia Regional Development Agency.

"I appreciate this technical solution, still insufficiently used in our country. It is a cheaper, more sustainable solution, and, I believe, easier to apply", said Minister Liviu Dragnea.

The contract provides for the amount of 13.92 million euros, namely 80.35% of the total eligible value of the project, to be allocated from non-reimbursable European funds. The total value of the project is 17.7 million euros.

"The works are to be finalised within 24 months. The beneficiary will have to pay attention to meeting this deadline and any conditions that a European-funded project involves. The specialists from the ministry will keep an eye on this investment objective to follow how it evolves", the Minister of Development pointed out.

The project is aimed at contributing to an increase in accessibility to / from the localities in the north area of the Ploiesti-Prahova Growth Pole and to the Prahova County Emergency Hospital. The peri-urban traffic will thus be separated from the national traffic and the road traffic in north of Ploiesti municipality will be reorganised. 133 temporary jobs will be created for the period of execution of the works. The multi-level flyover will have a length of 956 m, and the central ring of 282 m.

"In many cases, the money was wasted, not invested. Investment means this kind of project, which has concrete results and contributes to a better life for citizens, with benefits for everyone," Liviu Dragnea added.

The expected benefits of the project implementation refer to reducing travelling time in the area, increasing traffic flow, increasing mobility in the road network of the Growth Pole, reducing the risk of accidents, reducing fuel consumption.

It is estimated that nearly 350,000 beneficiaries of the project implementation, representing residents of the municipality of Ploiesti and of the localities of Baicoi, Boldesti-Scaieni, Plopeni, Aricestii Rahtivani, Blejoi, Brazi, Paulesti, Targsorul Vechi. In addition to these, there are 75 trade companies and centres in the area, participants in the local and peri-urban transit traffic, public transport operators. Another category of beneficiaries are the tourists visiting the areas served by National Roads DN1 (Prahova Valley), DN1 (Cheia-Valea Teleajenului area) and DN1B (to Buzau and the eastern part of the country) - about 100,000 visitors / year.

The project is part of the Integrated Urban Development Plan of the Ploiesti-Prahova Growth Pole and is financed under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, Priority Axis 1 "Support to sustainable development of cities - urban growth poles", key area of intervention 1.1. "Integrated urban development plans".

"Prahova is a model of strategic development, a county which takes a different approach to regional development", said Minister Dragnea Finally, as an argument for having chosen the first signed financing agreement to be from this county.

The Ploiesti-Prahova growth pole includes the municipality of Ploiesti, as central urban locality, and its area of influence, made up of 3 towns and 10 communes.