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Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea ''Our main objective is the accelerated absorption of European funds''

29 January 2013

Today, January 29, at the headquarters of the ministry, Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration, signed 27 contracts financed by European funds, under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, for projects in 14 counties.


"Today, I have signed contracts in a total amount of over 70 million euros, which will impact on about 3 million Romanians. Our main objective is to accelerate the absorption of European funds. The target of the ministry for 2013 is to reach one billion euros in terms of absorption of European funds," said Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea.

Contracts were also signed by representatives of the eight Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) in the country and of local public authorities that will benefit from funding.

"At MRDPA level, there is openness and willingness to collaborate with the local public authorities. We want the relationship to be a correct, close one, for an effective partnership. This is why I want to personally sign each financing contract, as evidence of the regard I am taking to the local public authorities. Both the mayor and the county council president must know that they have all the support from here, and we need to know that there is openness for cooperation on their part," said the Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration.

In addition, Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea pointed out his wish for the next period to initiate a series of working meetings with the competent associations of local public authorities, for debates on topical issues in the field.

"We will have a series of meetings to define together the direction in terms of decentralisation, public administration reform, the serious process of administrative-territorial reorganisation of the country and of and regionalisation. The objective is that the end of 2013 finds us with established administrative regions, with elected management structures, so for the financial year 2014-2020 administrative regions in Romania, to become managing authorities," said Dragnea.

The measure will contribute to a much higher level of absorption and a balanced development within regions and between regions. In parallel, the role of the ministry would become one of coordination, of monitoring, while the regions, as administrative units, would become direct partners of the European Commission.

(Attached - list of the projects for which financing contracts were signed today)