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Deputy Prime Minister Dragnea: ''We Want a Strong Partnership with Capital's City Hall''

12 February 2013

The financing contract was signed today by Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration, together with General Mayor Sorin Oprescu and the Director of the Bucharest-Ilfov RDA, Dan Nicula.

"We want, here, at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, a solid partnership with the Capital's City Hall. We are at the second meeting, since I took office as Minister of Development, and we have already established to support the Municipality of Bucharest in all the projects under our management," said Deputy Prime Minister Dragnea.


"It's one of the constructions that contribute to the development of Bucharest. I thank the team of the city hall, but also to that of the ministry, who managed to finalise the documentation so quickly," said General Mayor Sorin Oprescu.

The project aims at valorising the natural and man-made patrimony represented by the Floreasca and Tei lakes, with the adjacent green areas, through tourism activities in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, on an area of about 11 ha. The project entails building spaces for cultural, sports and leisure activities.

Thus, there will be built a 260-sqm. multifunctional hall, with a capacity of 360 seats, 2 amphitheatres, each with 240 seats, 6 tourism-port type jetties and 12 jetties for small pleasure boats, 5 platforms and 3 pavilions for cultural and recreational activities, 3 pleasure pools. Similarly, bicycle tracks, 832-sqm playgrounds for children, 5 lifeguard stations will also be built.

The project implementation period is 28 months and the total value is estimated at 88.35 million lei, of which the non-reimbursable financial allocation is in amount of 23.51 million lei.