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Murfaltlar Streets to Be Modernised with European Funds

02 May 2012

Today, 2 May, the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Cristian Petrescu, signed the contract for the "Modernisation of several streets in the town of Murfatlar", financed under Regio – the Regional Operational Programme, in a total amount of 7.142.206,08 lei, of which 5.557.609,40 lei non-reimbursable financing.

The overall goal of the project is to improve the living conditions of the citizens and to increase the attractiveness of the town by access to quality urban infrastructure.


The specific goals of the project are to modernise transport infrastructure and to increase the level of accessibility of the town of Murfatlar and are aimed at modernising 10 streets, with a total length of 2.893 km and a rehabilitated and modernised area of 24,409.13 mp.

Until 27 April 2012, 2,793 financing contracts, totalling 21,878,720,616 lei, were signed under the Regional Operational Programme.