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Four New Projects to Modernise Bacau City Received Financing from European Funds under Regio

26 April 2012

Today, 26 April, in Bacau, the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Cristian Petrescu, signed four financing contracts, totalling approximately 103 million lei, under the Regional Operational Programme - Regio.

The project "Rehabilitation and provision of equipment for the social centre for elderly people" has a total value of 4,516,649.52 lei, of which 3,520,796.60 lei represents financing from non-reimbursable European funds. The project is aimed at obtaining space usable in conditions of safety and health, at increasing the number of assisted beneficiaries, as well as at improving the quality of social services provided. A period of 22 months is provided for the implementation of the project.


The project "Modernisation of Moinesti Road" has a total value of 38,970,476.35 lei, of which 29,677,734.69 lei represents non-reimbursable financing. The project is aimed at traffic fluidisation, at introducing lanes for bikers, at eliminating bottlenecks at the access points to the city, at increasing the mobility of people and goods, at reducing transport costs and at increasing the level of traffic safety. The implementation period is 27 months.

The project "Rehabilitation of the Letea road overpass in Bacau Municipality" has a total value of 7,248,240.02 lei, of which 5,725,585.32 lei represents non-reimbursable financing. The project is aimed at improving accessibility of the major road network of Bacau Municipality, at increasing average traffic speed by 17.5% and, implicitly, traffic fluency on streets, at increasing the mobility of people and goods, at reducing transport costs, at reducing costs for fuel and vehicle maintenance. The implementation period is 17 months.

The project "Rehabilitation and modernisation of the leisure island, Bacau" has a total value of 52,178,341.00 lei, of which the non-reimbursable financing is 17,978,303.24 lei. The project is aimed at the recovery, sanitation and planning of the area, so that it becomes an attractive area, at establishing a coherent mode to organise the area in terms of architecture, landscape and urban planning, as well as protecting, rehabilitating and valorising the natural heritage represented by the green spaces in the area in connection with the ecosystems in the territory. The implementation period is 30 months.

189 projects have been submitted for financing in Bacau County under the Regional Operational Programme, so far. Of the 189 submitted projects, 67 projects, worth 343.57 million lei, have been contracted, of which 222.38 million lei represent European funds.