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MRDT, Champion of European Funds Absorption

23 April 2012

The Regional Operational Programme - Regio, run by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MRDT), ranks first among all operational programs in Romania, as regards the absorption of European structural and cohesion funds, according to a report of the Ministry of European Affairs (MAEur)*.

Thus, the Regional Operational Programme occupies the first place in the ranking of the interim payments (refunds) effected by the European Commission (with an effective absorption rate of 11.73%) and also the first in the ranking of the value of intermediate payments made by the European Commission (437.24 million euros). The Regional Operational Programme also has the highest value of domestic payments made to beneficiaries among all operational programs in Romania (4.969 billion lei).

By the date this report was drawn up, the Regional Operational Programme, run by the MRDT, 3,104 projects, totalling 14.716 billion lei, were approved and 2,723 projects, in amount of 13.449 billion lei, were already contracted.

The Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Cristian Petrescu, says that this performance is a credit to the Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP MA) and wants that, during his term, not one euro from the available structural funds remain unallocated. "We have committed ourselves to bring as much European money as possible in the country and I am glad to know that we are the best ministry when it comes to structural funds absorption. It is the merit of the entire team of the Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Programme, whom I congratulate for this performance. We have contracted almost all the funds available under the ROP, and, on some axes, we have even achieved over-contracting, that is I signed projects for amounts larger than those available because, as the experience of other European countries shows, there are funds remaining after tenders. I want not one euro available from the European Union to remain unallocated and I will do everything in my powers to achieve this together with the ROP MA team," said Minister Cristian Petrescu.

Note: The report of the Ministry of European Affairs includes data available at the end of first quarter of this year (March 31, 2012).