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Lipova Valorises Its Tourism Potential with European Funds

01 March 2012

Today, 1 March, the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Cristian Petrescu, signed the financing contract for the project Development of cultural tourism in the West Region by renovating and including the Maria Radna Church and Monastery in the tourist circuit, financed under the Regional Operational Programme.

The project has an implementation period of 40 months and a total value of 47,145,581.73 lei, of which 34,489,250.18 lei represent non-reimbursable financing. Its objectives are to strengthen and valorise the historical substance of the Maria Radna Ensemble (consisting of four historical monuments that will enter into the tourism circuit in 2015) and to improve the infrastructure of orientation, access and reception for tourists in Arad county and the locality of Lipova, encouraging the related investments in Lipova.
As a result of these actions, we expect to double the number of tourists in the Lipova area and the neighbouring localities, by 2015, as well as to increase the average length of overnight stays by at least one night. Thus, the modernisation of the infrastructure will allow the area to host tourism activities throughout the year, as compared to 6 months, the length of the tourist season at present," said Minister Petrescu.
Until 24 February, in Arad county, 128 projects were submitted for financing under the Regional Operational Programme. Of the 128 projects submitted, 42 were contracted, in a total amount of 643.85 million lei, of which 407.87 million lei represent European funds.