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Hotel in Buzau, Modernized with European Funds, under Regio

26 April 2012

Today, 26 April, in Buzau, the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Cristian Petrescu, attended the inauguration of the hotel achieved under the project "Modernisation and expansion of the Pietroasa Hotel Complex, Buzau", financed under the Regional Operational Programme - Regio, totalling 13,154,779.37 lei, of which 5,495,910 lei represents financing from European non-reimbursable funds.

An accommodation structure with 30 rooms and 60 places was built under the project by extending the existing hotel with the height regime ground floor + mezzanine + 6 floors + penthouse. Of these, 24 are double rooms and 6 are suites, all equipped at the four-star level. The project created 20 new jobs and was carried out during the period 3 March 2010 – 3 March 2012.

Until 20 April, at the level of the county, 56 financing contracts, totalling 310.52 million lei, of which 196.39 million lei non-reimbursable European funds, were concluded under the Regio Programme.