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Zalau: Historical and Cultural Heritage, Restored with European Funding

25 May 2012

Today, 25 May, the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Eduard Hellvig, was present in Zalau, where he visited the Salaj Centre for Culture and Arts, the former County Military Centre. The building is restored under the project Restoration of the historical and cultural heritage of Salaj County Council, along with two other heritage buildings: the Zalau History Museum and the "Ioan Sima" Art Galleries.

The project, whose total value is 25,424,792.84 lei, of which 17,740,229.06 represents non-reimbursable financing from European funds and from the national budget will be finalised in September. The rehabilitation and restoration works of the three heritage buildings are completed, and the purchase of equipment, utilities and furniture will be finalised in the forthcoming period. The acceptance at the end of works is to be organised on 29 May 2012.


The restored area of the heritage objects with tourism potential aimed by the project is 9,963 sqm, of which 6,533 sqm unfolded area and 3,430 sqm facade area and, in addition to them, 6,170 sqm of landscape design. Thus, the number of visitors will grow by 1965, 10 new jobs will be created, and the tourism season will be extended by at least 3 months per year.

We are mentioning that although the estimated value of the works contract was 17,005,990.00 lei, the final value of the works is 9,640,735.70 lei.

The project is carried out under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, managed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism.