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Oradea: MRDT and Oradea City Hall in Support of Business Infrastructure

26 May 2012

Today, 26 May, in Oradea (Bihor county), the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Eduard Hellvig, signed a financing contract under the Regional Operational Programme, to create a business infrastructure in the municipality and provide public utilities to the Eurobusiness Industrial Park Oradea - Phase II.

The project objective is to achieve a functional support structure for the business environment, in order to set the basis of a sustainable economic development of the municipality and to support sustainable development in Bihor county.


Thus, this project aims at both creating jobs and attracting investors to the business support structure, and at providing an infrastructure for it (water supply and sewage network, electricity supply network, structure of internal roads, centralised thermal power supply and access to the telecommunications network).

"You are among the first in the country who understood that without creating jobs and economic development areas, as well as development facilities for business, any community suffocates. Your priority is our priority, too. That is why I can announce that, in late June or early July, a national project will be initiated, on supporting the development of industrial parks through infrastructure," said the Minister of Regional Development. Eduard Hellvig also added that he would like to sign such projects in each county capital city or in each major city of the country.

The project signed in Oradea has an implementation period of 31 months and the total value of the contract is 15,154,301 lei, of which 6,777,003.41 lei represents non-reimbursable funds.