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Regional Development Projects in South-Muntenia Region

17 August 2012

Today, 17 August, in Calarasi, Marcel Bolos, State Secretary in the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, signed the financing contract for the project Establishment of a business structure in the locality of Călugăreni, Giurgiu County.

The project, with a total value of 84,911,578.52 lei, of which 40,323,988.77 lei represent non-reimbursable financing from European funds and from the national budget, will be implemented over 17 months. The goal of the project is to create a business support structure up to international standards, located on road E70 in Giurgiu county, just 25 km south of Bucharest, aimed at attracting investment, as well as revitalising and developing local and regional economy. With the help of Regio – the Regional Operational Programme, two facilities will be built – designed to house storage and administrative spaces and works will be carried out to provide the related utilities. Platforms and access roads will also be created. The aimed objectives are to create 363 new permanent jobs in the companies hosted by the business support structure and also to support small, medium-sized and micro enterprises.


"I am glad I can sign such a project, especially since, at present, at the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, we are very open to supporting and developing business structures. In this respect, at the ministry, we are working on a draft ordinance regulating the development of public utilities infrastructure and the establishment of business structures. The programme, if accepted by the Competition Council, will be financed from state budget funds, in the beginning, and, if successful, will be proposed for financing from European funds," said State Secretary Marcel Bolos.

Marcel Bolos also visited the project Rehabilitation, modernization and equipping of the Integrated Ambulatory Unit of the Calarasi County Emergency Hospital, which is in the completion phase. The total value of the project is 20,599,631.52 lei, of which 14,809,448.38 lei non-reimbursable financing. The specific objectives of the project are to improve access to the ambulatory services and to improve the structure of the Integrated Ambulatory Unit of the Calarasi County Emergency through its rehabilitation, modernisation and equipping, to improve the functional circuits and those of access between the spatial sectors where the component practices of the Ambulatory unit carry out their activity, to modernise and develop the medical services offered, to improve the conditions offered to patients served in the Ambulatory unit and to increase the capacity and quality of the services of medical assistance by improving the technical and environmental conditions under which the medical activity is carried out.