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Regio Programme – More Attentive Monitoring, at MRDT Level, of Progress of Financed Projects

06 September 2012

Today, 6 September, the Supervisory Board for non-reimbursable fund absorption held its first working meeting, to evaluate the progress of the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 (Regio), managed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MRdT) through the Managing Authority of this programme.

To increase the absorption rate of the European funds managed through the Regio programme, the MRDT aims at both the finalisation of contracting the amounts allocated to Romania, and the efficiency of the projects implemented by beneficiaries with financing from this programme.


To this end, at the Board meeting at MRDT level, today, it was identified the need for a more attentive monitoring of the progress of the approved projects. Thus, there will be followed and periodically reviewed not only the compliance with the activity or reimbursement schedules assumed by beneficiaries, but also the measures that can be applied, both by the MRDT and the beneficiary, to boost the implementation and finalisation of the respective projects.

"Although it is a good indicator, we cannot be satisfied only with the fact that we have reached a 94.67% rate in terms of contracting European funds under the ROP. In parallel, we continuously have in view that the financings were approved in order to produce concrete results. Therefore, it is necessary to know in due course which beneficiaries have difficulties in implementing and what the reasons are, in order to make the best decisions about the way we can help them to achieve the proposed targets, if such be the case," said Marcel Bolos, State Secretary at the MRDT.

At the same time, the State Secretary added that, given the advanced stage of the programme, the pretences about meeting targets are higher. Therefore, the beneficiaries should be aware that when delays in implementing projects are excessive, they can lead even to the cancellation of the financing contract. The measure is not one aiming from the very start at sanctioning beneficiaries, but one trying to prevent any future disengagement of funds under the Regio program.

The Supervisory Board for non-reimbursable fund absorption was established by order of Minister Eduard Hellvig and its main task is to monitor the absorption rate of the funds allocated under the Regional Operational Programme.

For the period 2007-2013, Regio has a budget of about 4.3 million euros, of which about 3.5 million euros are non-reimbursable European funds allocated to Romania from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). On 3 September, the Regio programme had a contracting level of 94.67% (on the allocated ERDF amounts), corresponding to a total of 3,158 financing contracts signed with beneficiaries of the programme.