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Regio Communicators Forum

28 September 2012

The Managing Authority for the Regional Operational Programme, within the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, held the Regio Communicators Forum in Bran, during the period 26-28 September 2012.

The event brought together over 100 participants, ROP MA representatives, communication officers of the ROP Intermediate Bodies, members of the REGIO Communicators Network belonging to other institutions that perform functions of ROP information and promotion and mass-media representatives.


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The Regio Communicators Forum aimed at strengthening the network of communicators, at achieving the exchange of experience between members of the network, at identifying development methods, as well as at informing on the status of implementation of the programme.

Opening the event, Adina Stefanescu, Director of the Program Management Directorate at the MRDT, presented the status of implementation of the Regio programme at national level. Since the launch of the programme, the total number of applications submitted is 8,154, amounting to a total value of 56,095.64 million lei, that is approximately 13,356.1 million euros, and the total number of contracts signed is 3,213, totalling 23,902 , 91 million lei, that is approximately 5,691.17 million euros. The amount of the financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the contracts signed since the launch of the programme is 14,912 million lei (approximately 3,550 million euros), representing 95.29% of the ERDF amounts allocated under Regio for the period 2007-2013.

Then, each Regional Development Agency presented the activity of the related Regional network of REGIO communicators, its mode of operation, the results achieved, the problems encountered.

In addition to the information part, the Regio Communicators Forum also fulfilled the objective of training the communicators of the network, who participated in workshops organised for improvement in the fields of photography, branding and audio - video.