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REGIO: Information and Promotion 2009-2010

03 October 2012

In the period March 2009 - August 2012 the Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Programme within the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism developed the Regio project: Information and promotion 2009-2010.

The project, financed under Priority Axis 6 – Technical Assistance, Key Area of Intervention 6.2. Support for the information and publicity activities to implement the ROP 2007-2013, initially had an implementation period of two years, having been later extended to 30 August 2012. The total final value of the project is 5,875,026 lei, of which 4,826,806.45 lei eligible expenditures.


The activities carried out under the project consisted in:

  • Organising information and promotion events at national and regional levels
  • production and distribution of information and promotional materials
  • media campaigns in the printed press, internet, street billboards, radio and TV
  • maintenance and updating the website
  • assessing the impact of the information and publicity measures for the ROP at national level.

The results of these activities were:

  • organisation of 38 events (annual conferences, the Regio Communicators Forum, information sessions for journalists, information and promotion sessions of the programme among Regio communicators, visits to projects with media representatives, information sessions for beneficiaries of Priority Axis 1, information sessions for students and parliamentarians, internal working sessions for communications experts of the ROP MA and the ROP Intermediate Bodies) reflected in the media through 182 articles, interviews and news. These events were attended by 1526 people;
  • achievement of 5 types of brochures and of the monthly Regio magazine, a total of 80,400 copies of these information and publicity materials having been produced and distributed;
  • 132 inserts of the press layout in national newspapers, 1412 broadcasts of Regio promotion video spots, 1168 broadcast of radio spots, 64 broadcasts of TV fillers to promote the Regio priority axes, 4,933,503 views of the banners posted on websites under the online campaigns, 391 Regio billboards.
  • The programme's website,, was improved and enjoyed a number of 838,460 visitors
  • The information and publicity activities were measured by periodic evaluation, from which , at the latest survey, conducted in the period 20 -26 July 2012 , it resulted that 43.7% of the general public, at city level, had heard about the existence of the Regio programme.
  • Priority Axis 6, Technical Assistance, aims to support the transparent and efficient implementation of the ROP. To use the existing funds on this axis, a strategy was elaborated, whose overall objective is to create prerequisites for ensuring a high level of absorption of the funds allocated under the ROP.