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Journalists on Visit to Regio Projects Implemented in Buzau and Ramnicu Sarat

10 October 2012

On Thursday, 10 October 2012, the Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP MA) within the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDRT) organised a visit for journalists to projects financed from European funds, in the South-East Development Region.

The first visited project, implemented with non-reimbursable Regio support in the municipality of Buzau, was the Dental Centre of Excellence, a project worth 766,290.28 lei, finalised in May, whose beneficiary is SC. Praxis Dent SRL, a microenterprise 100% supported with Regio funds. After the dental office was provided with the latest dental equipment, Praxis Dent became the first oral implantology centre at European standards in the county of Buzau. High precision endodontic surgery and oral implant surgery can be performed here, as well as other operations that, until now, have been possible only in the university dental centres of the country.



The second visited location was the specialised ambulatory unit of the Ramnicu Sarat Municipal Hospital. The project has a total value of 5,190,388.49 lei, of which 1,686,835.32 lei represents the contribution of the beneficiary - Ramnicu Sarat ATU, and was aimed at modernising, developing and equipping the ambulatory. Through the works carried out, as well as by endowing the centre with specific equipment and furniture, it was created a propitious environment for carrying out health activities and services for the benefit of 38,828 residents of Ramnicu Sarat, as well as about 5000-6000 people from neighbouring villages.

At the level of the South-East Region, a total number of 365 financing projects were signed by 30 September. The total requested value was approximately 418.99 million euros, representing about 78.34% of the total value allocated to the region for the period 2007-2013. Payments in amount of 172 million euros have been authorised by now, which represents 32% of the total value allocated to the region.

The goal of the working visits with media representatives to projects financed from European funds is to present the status and the results achieved by implementing these projects and, implicitly, the impact of the Regional Operational Programme at the level of each development region.

The MRDT, as Managing Authority, manages Regio- the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, through which 4.4 billion euros are allocated, of which 85% represents the contribution of the European Union. The overall objective of Regio is to support and promote sustainable local development in the regions of Romania, both economically and socially, by reducing the development disparities between them and the other regions of the European Union.