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Regio: Launch of Call for Projects on Increasing Energy Efficiency in Housing Blocks, Rescheduled for 1 November

15 October 2012

The Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MRDT) extended the consultation period on the Applicants' Guidelines for projects on increasing energy efficiency in housing blocks, with financing from European funds, therefore, the call for proposals was rescheduled for 1 November

The Managing Authority for Regional Operational Programme within the MRDT modified the initially announced date for the launch of the Applicants' Guide and the call for proposals for sub-area 1.2 Supporting investments in energy efficiency in housing blocks. Therefore, the submission of projects can take place as of 15 November 2012.


The decision was taken to allow the analysis of all observations received on the Applicants'Guidelines, considering the large number of proposals submitted by potential beneficiaries.

In this way, the MRDT wants to reduce the risk of any further unclarities in the process of accessing European funds earmarked for this operation.